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Nature And Organisation - Bloodstreamruns

Henri Gissey. Louis XIV as Apollo. 1653

Musidora being cute, rare pic (maybe late 1910s)

The Sisters Of Mercy

"Detroit’s finest adult movies"

"Whatever I touch crumbles to pieces."

- Franz Kafka, The Blue Octavo Notebooks (via larmoyante)

Nothing says “I like you a lot” like a hand around your throat during sex.

(Source: littleprincessdiary)

"I can love, love with a full heart, and let the most consuming glow of passion burn in my heart, without taking the beloved one for anything else than the nourishment of my passion, on which it ever refreshes itself anew. All my care for him applies only to the object of my love, only to him whom my love requires, only to him, the ‘warmly loved.’ How indifferent would he be to me without this - my love! I feed only my love with him, I utilize him for this only: I enjoy him."

- Max Stirner (The Ego and Its Own)